Support Matt's Muscle Walk

MDA's Muscle Walk! Lori Stymeist and Matt Bollinger invite you to donate or walk to benefit families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

My Son Matt is Raising Funds for the 2017 Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk!

Steve Stymeist Collision Centers
Stymeist Collision Centers is supporting Matt Bollinger's fundraiser for MDA Muscle Walk's TEAM EL DORADO. Join us by donating or walking with us on Sunday April 23rd. We will match donations up to $5000!!

Lori's Story

Lori Stymeist with son, Matt

In 1990, on my birthday, I was blessed with a happy and loving son Matt. As he reached his 2nd birthday, he started to show signs of muscle weakness and was soon diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Just like any mother, I wanted to make sure he experienced a full childhood filled with fun and fond memories.

Matt Bollinger, action hero!

He was able to walk, run, swim, ride a bike, hit a ball, participate in cub scouts, and gymnastics, though at times it was difficult as his disability slowly progressed. By age 10, he became wheelchair bound.

Matt Bollinger driven for success.

Matt attended El Dorado County Schools and experienced a fantastic school life with many friends and great teachers! Growing up in this amazing county he was always treated like family with care and respect.

Today at age 27, Matt lives independently in Diamond Springs with awesome caregivers and has a full life with friends and family -- all without having much mobility these days. He's truly an amazing young man, and his step-father Steve and I are so proud of him.

Matt and friends

We're sharing our family story with you because being affected by Muscular Dystrophy can happen to any family. The Muscular Dystrophy Association has supported our family for 25 years. Now we want to give back by helping raise funds so MDA can continue helping families like ours UNTIL THERE IS A CURE.

Please help Matt and his Muscle Walk friends on TEAM EL DORADO to raise money for this important cause. Matt's amazing stepdad, Steve, through Steve Stymeist Collision Centers, will match up to $5000 in donations!

Donate to Muscle Walk

What is Muscle Walk?

Learn about MDA and Muscular Dystrophy Here

Your donations will help families in our area to receive much needed resources and equipment as well as to send their children to MDA Camp.

Matt and Family

Join us as we kickstart Matt's 1st Annual Muscle Walk Fundraiser and bring awareness to Muscular Dystrophy.

With Gratitude,
Lori Stymeist


MDA Muscle Walk

Join us for Muscle Walk, a 1-mile walk downtown Sacramento to benefit families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 10AM

Free shirts for all walkers!
Email Lori Stymeist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with participants' sizes. Join us for snacks and drinks after the mile walk!

10th street parking is provided for participants and drop-offs. Street parking is free on Sundays.

Team El Dorado

Arrive a little early to find TEAM EL DORADO and get your shirts! Capital Building, front, 1315 10th Street, Sacramento.

Email questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tax ID for Donations: 131665552

Steve, Lori and Matt say Thanks