Kindle Fire Winners


Mother's Day 2016

Stymeist Kindle Winner

Tracey Garrett 

I would give the Kindle to my best friend's mom, who stepped in after I lost mine, and honored the role of raising both of us to be the crazy individuals that we are today. This one's for you mama, love ya!


Easter 2016

Kindle Fire Winner - Stymeist

Sandy Garcia 

I can remember when all the kids were very little and we would go to grandmas for easter egg hunts. We couldn't just hide and find the eggs once. We had to do it over and over again until they got tired of the game. Then we had to throw the eggs away, of course. Always had a back-up dozen to eat though. Those were fun times and hopefully someday it can be a tradition again with the next generation of kiddos.


Valentines Day 2016

Stymeist Kindle Giveaway Winner

Nina Voloshin 

I've been moving through a difficult cancer diagnosis. My boyfriend Jeff has been by my side every step of the way. He could have stepped out but instead he stepped up. I'm so lucky, blessed and grateful. Not only would this Kindle help with research, but it's something we could use to watch movies and listen to music during my treatments. He is deserving of this gift in appreciation of his love and support. He is truly a God given gift in my life. Thank you.


Christmas 2015 

Stymeist Kindle Giveaway Winner

Diana Samek 

I would like to win a kindle to give to my Mom. She has significant memory loss. I would like to set up some 'brain games' on it for her to help preserve her memory as long as possible. Thank you, and happy holidays!


 Thanksgiving 2015 

Stymeist Kindle Giveaway Winner

Nannettee Ramos 

It was 1994 and I was a new mom and wife. It was my first Thanksgiving to cook for my family, and I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do with the turkey. So I read the directions on the turkey. It said to clean it well. This really wasn't very clear or detailed about what that meant. I thought it meant to clean the turkey with soap. So I used dish soap. I poured it all over the outside and inside. I never once actually looked inside the turkey, though I did think to myself when cleaning how weird it felt inside there. I rubbed that turkey down good with that soap!

After washing it, I put it in the pan and put it in the oven. So while it was cooking there was a certain smell going on in my home. It was a clean smell, so I didnt think anything of it.

So now the turkey is done, and my mother and father are there, and my husband's mother and father are there. We all sit down to eat and my husband starts to carve the turkey. My mother asked if I made the gravy from the gibblets and I told her no, the gravy came from a can. She asked why, and I told her I couldn't find the gibblets at the store. All of the family started laughing saying that's because they're inside the turkey when you buy it. I was like, what? And my husband pulled the gibblets bag out. It had been sitting in the turkey the whole time.

Well everyone was still giggling over that when they all proceeded to take a bite of the turkey. The looks on their faces were like, what the heck is wrong with this? They all spit it out pretty much at the same time. My mother-in-law asked, what did I do to the turkey? It tasted like straight soap. I proceeded to tell them how I prepared it. They all started laughing. My mother laughed so hard she tinkled in her pants.

Needless to say that was the Thanksgiving we spent at Denny's, and the one when I found out how NOT to clean the turkey! Ever since, we have had Thanksgiving at my family's home or at my in-law's. No one will let me cook Thanksgiving again. LOL.


 Halloween 2015

Stymeist Kindle Giveaway Winner

Joan Cabral 

My best Halloween memory:

I was one of 12 kids. We grew our own Halloween pumpkins, made our own costumes and trick or treated out of our pillowcases. During the summer I was 10, I gave one pumpkin plant extra care and water so it would grow a huge pumpkin. My care paid off!

There was going to be a costume contest at the park. The prize was a three-speed Schwinn bicycle. Wow! My mom's idea for a costume was to cut out the bottom of my huge pumpkin and put it on my head. Boy was that heavy! Then she took chicken wire and made a cage around my body and encircled it with dried cornstalks from our vegetable garden. When I was inside that costume, you couldn't see me at all. But I was ready for the judging!

My dad got home from work late, threw my costume in the back of his old pickup, and he drove me and my mom to the costume judging at the city park. We got there late, so my dad quickly put the pumpkin on my head, the cornstalk cage around me and pointed me down a dark sidewalk to where the judging was already underway.

I couldn't see a thing, but somehow I got there! The pumpkin was heavy and digging into my shoulders. I couldn't see my dad or mom. I just stood there.

Pretty soon the other kids started to knock on my pumpkin head. Where was my dad? I started to panic and wanted my mom. Then I heard a man's voice say, "Do you know that you won?"

"No!" I shouted from inside my pumpkin head.

Then I heard my mom's voice. Thank god! She lifted the pumpkin off my head. I was never so glad to see anyone in my life! I guess my mom and I were really a winning team that Halloween. We put the shiny new Schwinn bicycle in the pickup truck and headed home.

The best Halloween ever!


 End of Summer 2015

End of Summer Kindle Fire Winner

Andrea Macon

The Summer of 2006 our twin boys were nine and we had planned the most amazing adventure; 3 1/2 weeks in a motor home driving around the United States. We called it the Short Attention Span Tour because we saw everything, just not for very long. A night in Death Valley, a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Fireworks in Tennessee, Catfishing in Alabama, bicycling the cobblestones of Savannah. Then up the East Coast along the strange-flat Atlantic to Philly, New York, Washington DC and then Niagara. We cut across the top of the US and visited the Great Lakes, Chicago, Wisconsin, Mt. Rushmore, and Devil's Tower. Then the last leg home through Utah and back to Amador County. When our kids started fifth grade, the teacher asked them to color in all the states they had visited. Max and Adam got to color any entire circle around their maps. It was truly an amazing summer.


 Father's Day 2015

Father's Day Kindle Fire Winner

Carleah St. Thomas

I look up to my dad for many many reasons. But a few big reasons I look up to my father Glen St Thomas, is because he is the most selfless, caring, smart, man I know; and he is and always has been there for everyone in my family. He is the only guy out of 4 girls in this family, my 2 sisters and my mom, and he does everything he can every single day to help us in the biggest ways he can even if it puts himself out. He has his machine shop business that he runs himself and works all day long and weekends, then after he still spends the rest of his time driving his daughters to school, cheer, babysitting his two nephews, helping with homework, fixing the house, working on the yard for his wife. He does so much for us and spends little time for himself. He is the best man I know and if I could find him the best gift for Fathers Day it would mean the world to him. He also gave his computer to his grandson to play games on so he doesn't have a device to use for Internet besides his cellphone. Please choose me for this gift to give to my father. I'd appreciate it so so much! Thank you and Happy Father's Day to everyone there at Stymeist!


 Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day Kindle Fire Winner

Fern Staton (and George!)

Being a single mom is tough, and somehow my daughter, Jessie, has managed to raise two beautiful, independent and colorful children. If she had a Kindle, the entire family would benefit from it. There's not a lot of frills in their life and sometimes the refrigerator is bare, but each day closes with two lilttle kids who fall into bed knowing that they are loved.


Spring 2015

Spring Kindle Winner

Judy Regnier

When I experience Spring Fever, I like to start planting spring flowers and the vegetable garden. I pay attention to other people's landscaping, and I look forward to spring drives in my car to see all the wildflowers that I can! I especially am drawn to all the California poppies and lupine we have in abundance, and love Daffodil Hill. I am happy so many people in Amador county also plant myriad daffodils for all to enjoy! Flowers bring a ray of sunshine & hope to all who see them!


 St. Patrick's Day, 2015

Stymeist Kindle Giveaway Winner

Deanna Smith

What I'd like to find in the pot at the end of the rainbow. I would love to find more "time" in the pot at the end of the rainbow. Isn't that what most people wish for :) Between raising 4 children, a part-time job and being a part-time student, extra time is always in short supply. I would give my extra time to my family. I would give more time to reading books to my toddler. I would give more time to play video games with my 4 year old. I would give more time to volunteering in my 2nd grader's classroom. I would give more time to go shopping with my daughter. I would give more time to my husband who spends over half the year working far away from his family. I would give more time to the sadly neglected yard work. I would give more time to my getting a much needed pedicure! I would give more time to plan a family vacation to leave the stresses of everyday life behind. If only! If only the pot at the end of the rainbow held more time!


 Valentines Day 2015

Valentine's Day Kindle Fire Winner

 Linda Brown-Fuhrman

If I am selected to receive the Kindle Fire, I will give it to my brother, who I know will enjoy using it. PLEASE help me make his dreams come true by selecting him to receive the Valentine's Day Kindle.

Christmas 2014 Week One - December 1

 Randomly drawn from our top 20 favorite entries.

Winner: Dennis Larson

Something that makes me happy: "I am happy to be free of cancer and able to offer my services to other cancer patients. I drive for Star's in Amador County, taking cancer patients to various counties for either chemo or radiation treatments. It makes me feel good and happy to help others as others helped me."

Skyler Brown - Stymeist Kindle winner

Winner: Skyler Brown

Who will recieve the Kindle Fire? "My best friend's daughter. Her name is Lillian and she is 7 years old and receives straight A's in school. Both her parents work full-time to support their modest lifestyle, and I would love nothing more than to give the gift to them to surprise her on Christmas."


Christmas 2014 Week Two - December 8


Kindle Fire Winner Thea KerronWinner: Thea Kerron

A favorite Christmas memory of mine is from several years ago when I was working at a large Sacramento hospital on Christmas Day. One of my patients had been in the hospital for many weeks and was still very ill. Her entire family dressed up and brought an entire Christmas dinner to the hospital in order to share the day with her. The memory of the smile on her father's face as he sat there in his dark suit in that hospital room still brings a tear to my eyes.

Tanna Reynoso wins a Kindle Fire from Stymeist Collision CentersWinner: Tanna Reynoso

When I was younger, I decided that I would sleep next to the X-Mas tree to catch Santa Claus in the act... Didn't work. I slept right through the presents being placed right around me! Proved to me that Santa really was magic, especially since we didn't even have a fireplace chimney for him to come down, and I watched Mom and Dad lock the doors and windows!


Christmas 2014 Week Three - December 15


Leslie Broussard - wins a KindleWinner: Leslie Hopper Broussard

One of my favorite Christmas memories is one that rekindled my certainty that Santa was real. The year I was seven, Santa brought me pajamas, and also pajamas for my barbie out of the same material. I was starting to think my Mom was responsible, because she sewed. The next year, I was skeptical, and shared my doubt with my folks. On Christmas eve, all three kids, and both my parents were in the bedroom reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas," when there was a commotion in the living room, followed by a "Ho Ho Ho." We went running out to find gifts under the tree! Santa is real!! I was sure now! Years later I learned that my next-door neighbor had been enlisted to play Santa to help keep the magic alive.

Kathie RobsonWinner: Kathie Robson

We're a part of El Dorado Caring Hearts who accepts donations, then gives them back out to people in need. I'd love to surprise someone who can't afford anything for Christmas with a Kindle Fire. That would make me happy. Thank you for doing this. So very nice of you.


Christmas 2014 Week Four - December 22


Winner Cher WilliamsWinner: Cher Williams

 A good Christmas memory. One day each December my parents would take the whole family to San Francisco for the day. With 5 kids, eating out was a rare treat. We would dress up, eat at a restaurant where we could order Shirley Temples and Davy Crocketts, and see the Christmas lights on the boats in the harbor, the trees which lined the walls of Podesta Balcacchi's, and the huge tree in the rotunda of City of Paris. These businesses and my parents have passed on, but the special memories will never fade.

Kindle Winner Debbie TexaraWinner: Debbie Texara

Who will receive the Kindle Fire? "I am a single mom on SSI, and I have a amazing son that puts up with a lot due to my illnesses. We've been through a lot of struggles together over the last year. I was in the hospital for 3 months and since being released I have been sick several times and have had additional surgeries. He managed to improve his grades as he was struggling this year in school, and he saved up money he has been earning working at an elderly man's house on Sundays and bought himself a used Kindle from a friend. It wasn't new but he was excited because it was new to him. Well our dog sat on it and it broke. With everything that is going including hardships keeping food on the table and providing a Christmas, I would love to surprise him with a new Kindle. I am so proud of him and the young man he is turning into in spite of struggling in school, having a sick mom, and people making fun of him. I would love to see a beaming smile from his face at Christmas as a reward for just being AWESOME! Lol. Thank you and Merry Christmas."