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Having an auto accident can be stressful. Steve Stymesit Collision Centers will take away the pain and deliver you a car that has regained its original beauty, handling and performance.

Below are common questions. You can find more insurance help here.

I've just had an auto accident. What should I do?

1. If anyone is injured, call 911. If not, gather this information for each person involved: name, driver license number, vehicle license plate, insurance information. If there are witnesses, gather their names and phone numbers. Note the time, date, and location of the accident. If you have a camera or cell phone with a camera, photograph the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles. Contact the police if anyone involved will not provide, or does not have, a driver license or insurance. Contact your insurance company.

2. Call us. We'll go to work immediately with your insurance company to ensure everything is happening to your best benefit. We'll help you file the claim, bring your damaged car to us, and provide you a rental car, if needed.

Did you know that you have the right to choose the repair facility that you trust? You don't have to be troubled to run around and get multiple estimates or negotiate with your insurance company — we will do this for you. Just pick the shop you trust and let us do the rest for you.

Should I pay for an accident repair myself or let my insurance company handle it?

Insurance costs are rising and more people are paying for minor accident repairs themselves. We're happy to discuss cost-saving options, but we have good relationships with all insurance companies. Working with together with them on your behalf often provides your best solution.

Do you charge for an estimate?

No. There is never a charge for an estimate or consultation regarding your repair.

How do I make an appointment?

We welcome walk-ins, however, if you make an appointment you will have priority when you arrive at your appointment time. Call us today to make an appointment or e-mail us your preferred date and times available and we will contact you to confirm. Here's how to contact us.

Why can’t I get an estimate over the phone?

We need to visually inspect your vehicle. Each vehicle is different, and when you bring yours in we’ll help you select the right service based on how long you plan to keep it, its age and condition, and your budget.

I need a tow. My car is not safe or legal to drive.

We will arrange and have your vehicle towed to our facility, pay for the towing and submit the bill for you to your insurance company.

I need a rental car.

We have rental cars right here in our lot. Rentals may be covered under your insurance policy. We'll find out for you and handle the arrangements. If rentals are not covered, we have the lowest rates you'll find. Ask us about our rental car specials!

Do you provide a warranty for your repairs?

Yes. We provide a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car. We have been in business for over 30 years and we will be here to honor our warranty. Read the warranty.

How long will my repair take?

This depends on the amount of damage to your vehicle. But we work to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. Your collision consultant can provide an estimate of when the work will be completed. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we'll review what we may be able to do for you.

Do I need to pay anything when I drop off my car?

No. After the repair work is complete, you pay us only your insurance deductible. If you've already received an insurance payment, we will work with you to determine what needs to be paid to us.

Can you match the color of my paint?

Yes! We have computerized color matching and other tools with the latest technology to determine the best color match. We also have talented technicians that hand-tint to exactly match the color of your vehicle. Each vehicles location, local weather, how it is cared for, where it is parked and where it was originally painted by the dealer — these all affect the exact color. Our experts will consider all of this and use the highest guidelines to assure a beautiful finish. We use high quality PPG Waterborne Enviro Base paint. Your color will be beautiful and guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty.

What if the cost of repairs is more than my car is worth?

Usually, the insurance company reaches a cash-settlement with you for the cost of a replacement vehicle. This is usually your best option, but we will be happy to review a repair with you.

What makes Steve Stymeist Auto Body different?

We have been family-owned and operated by the same owners for 30 years. We care about our customers and our community. When you have an issue, we listen, and will spend the time to make it right.