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2. Any specialized training, special licenses or certifications earned, if any.

3. Employment history, including companies, full addresses and phone numbers and the name of your last supervisor for each. Include your job titles, pay rates, starting dates, ending dates and reasons for leaving. List your basic duties for each position.

4. Description of your current abilities and skills (including computer skills), and what kinds of work you enjoy.

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Employment Application Review, Consent and Submittal


If you are selected to be hired, your offer of employment may be conditioned upon the results of a test for the unlawful presence of drugs in your system and upon the results of an investigative consumer report. To give your authorization for drug testing and the obtaining of an investigative consumer report, click on the boxes below.

Note: This authorizes the Company to perform drug testing or to obtain an investigative consumer report ONLY after you receive a conditional offer of employment.


I hereby authorize the Company to obtain a drug test for the unlawful presence of drugs in my system. I also release the Company, its employees, officers and agents from liability and damages which may arise from collection and testing of any specimen, the test results or adverse employment action taken as a result of the testing or test results, except for any acts of negligence by those who collect or test specimens. 


I hereby authorize the Company and its designated Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency to conduct an investigation of my background (in connection with this application and at any time during my employment) which may be used to make decisions concerning my employment. I understand that the investigation may include inquiry into my past employment, education, and activities, including, but not limited to, credit, criminal background information, and driving record, and I release from all liability all persons, entities, companies, schools, and corporations supplying such information. I agree to indemnify the Company and the Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency against any liability which might result from making such investigation. Additionally, I agree that the Company, through the Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency, may obtain an investigative consumer report or other information regarding me and may consult certain files which are available. The Company's designated Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency is:

                Vigilant Employment Screening, Inc.

                314 B Caledonia Street 

                Sausalito, CA 94965


3 No

I do not wish to receive a copy of the Investigative Consumer (background) Report at no cost, if the Company collects, assembles, evaluates, compiles, reports, transmits, transfers, or communicates information on my character, general reputation, personnel characteristics, or mode of living, for employment purposes, which are matters of public record, and does not use the services of an investigative consumer reporting agency.

3 Yes

I wish to receive a copy of the Investigative Consumer (background) Report at no cost, if the Company obtains one from an Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency in connection with my application for employment. Note: If the Company uses the results of the report to deny me employment, or if I choose to receive a copy free of charge, a copy of the report will automatically be provided at no cost when I next meet with the Company or within three days of the Company receiving the report, whichever is earlier.


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