"Love the work!" -Sarah Parker

"Great work--I do recommend you." -Dale Turner

"Great work!!!" -Nick Schwaegerl

"You do good work and aim to please the customer." -Crystal Rodgers

"Friendly staff. great pricing. Attention to detail." -Kathleen Price

"So happy you now have Hertz office. Great customer service." -Dawn Santos

"Good" -Jo HW Kardash

"Great job on our 2012 Ford Focus! Thank you!" -Mike & Joe Keim

"Great work!" -Shan Salsberry

"I'm so grateful for the help I've received twice this year. Never had so much need for body work EVER! Folks are great and service is wonderful!" -Amber S. Wheeler

"Good work. Keeps inside clean. Like the results." -Richard Boling

"Every time I am here I receive fast and friendly service. You guys are great! :)" -Sabrina Farsonson

"Fast" -Lucy Janzer

"Becky is/was very helpful and up front with prices so I knew what to expect. The waiting area is cozy and receptive and the coffee... fresh. Thanks for getting me an appointment so soon and repairing my car at a very reasonable rate." -Frances DuBrel

"This is such a great place, I love how everything is in ONE place. Very smart. -Heather Dewater

"Thank you for giving me ideas and options. I'm very pleased with the results!" -Cathy Hively

"Great job and service" -Bill Buchanan

"I like the WORK :) hope John is glad he got his stiches." -Nathan Dewater

"Found you in Style Magazine--Looking forward to your business." -Bre Snyder

"Thanks for your courtesy and excellent work!" -Ann S. Algier

"Highly recommended!" -Thea Kerron

"Thank you for your great service!!! :)" -Dawn Blanton

"Gr8-Job!" -Terry W. Dunn

"Excellent Thank You" -Bruno Schaerer

"Best in CA." -Kim Kurtz

"Great! The best-- I refer to anyone!" -Holly

"Extremely helpful" -Lila Palmer

"Shawn/Rod rock!!" -Tim Pharris

"You guys rock" -No Name

"Staff is friendly. Great during a tough time -- :)" -Michelle Lehnertz

"Shawn is the best. He is the reason we keep coming back to Stymeist." -Mark Hirschel

"My mom says you are the best!" -Kate Dowden

"You're the best!" -Connie

"We are first timers" -Mick Panarale

"Shawn took the time to get us a contact for other non-auto body repairs." -Dixie Sutton

"Excellent service. Great communative staff." -Carol SwartzCena

"Thank you!" -Gary and Laura Hankins

"So far I'm very pleased" -Carol Franklin

"You have always been very fair and helpuful. You are our first stop when we need body work. Thank you." -Pam Hirschel

"All going well on my repairs. Easy with these guys. The Hertz guy even called Enterprise for me today." -Donna Crawford

"Great! Work!" -Cliff Thomas

"Going great so far." -Stacey Munnerlyn

"Polite-friendly-people that work hard for customer. This is not the first time, but it is with this auto. Thank you." -Marcia Wyatt

"Nice, clean, efficient" -Charles Harworth

"I keep coming back. Not because I need to. Because I want to. Honesty and trust." -Marcia Wyatt

"Staff is extremely polite, and deal with all issues promptly :) Thank you!" -Sophia C. Puccio

"Easy to do business with." -Chris Watson

"You guys do a great job! I am so pleased with your work and your great customer service." -Diane Bashline

"Awesome job on my truck twice" -Lou Incaprera

"Great service and work. Friendly staff." -Kim Collins

"Great service!" -Mike Whitney

"1. Courteous 2. Knowledgeable pleasant people to deal with" -Brian Flaherty

"Thank you for the candy and fixing our car." -Michael

"We love you guys!!" -April Green

"Always great!" -J. Greenspan

"Steve Stymeist Auto Body and Frame is an outstanding business, very professional, and easy to work with!" -Randall Youngblood

"Great! Referred by Tim at Subaru." -Donna Crawford

"Thanks so much for courteous, professional, and funny people to deal with fixing my car-- I appreciate it all!" -Joy Roberts

"Very friendly and helpful staff! :)" -Ashley Rawls

"Easy dealings!" -Dan Blau

"Very professional, courteous. Thanks" -Christine Price

"So far so good" -Don Fursman

"Very nice and welcoming! Becky was good! Have always heard good things about you guys." -Whitney Cano

"Fast, honest, great work" -Stephen Dowd

"Fast service" -Erick Mellan

"I liked the service receiver." -Jim Reiber

"Always helpful! Only place I take my vehicle for body work." -Sheryce M. Allendorf

"This is the second time I have a car in for body repair. I am very satisfied both times. Good workmanship, good price." -Judy Muro

"Stymeist Auto Body has handled my Subaru very nicely, the staff is friendly and anxious to help out." -Adam Wilson

"Very good, friendly initial contact. Knowledgeable people." -Mary Morisset

"Fabulous customer service as soon as I walked in the door. They definitely took care of me and my car! :)" -Dina Volek

"Friendly folks-- fast and dependable service. Thnx!" -Lynetta D. Reece

"Great customer service." -Christina Mellan

"Nice facility" -David Hall

"Always on time and fast!!" -LeeAnne Carson

"You guys do great work." -Breanna Buford

"Great place and great work!" -Skyler Richey

"No complaints!" -John Sullivan

"You do good quality work. I've been here before and am very pleased." -Stephen Dowd

"Great service." -Joseph Goulart

"Always been satisfied about your work for over 10 years." -G. Lansen

"Trust AAA referral" -Christine Gaul

"The Best" -Stacey Goulart

"Great shop" -Ken Stark

"Very nice friendly people and great tasting coffee." -Jeremy Pederson

"Great service. did and excellent repair job and keeps us informed all the way through the process." -Scott Chapman

"Great service! :)" -Katie Brunius

"Never been here before. Everyone seems very welcoming and informative. Nice and clean too. Thank you!" -Linda Renk

"Thank you for your estimate. Thanks" -Cathleen Sommer

"Second vehicle to shop, for rear bumper repairs." -Tom Troyer

"Treated very well! Nice workmanship." -Leandra Johnson

"Satisfied" -Greg Rickords

"Staff is friendly and work is good" -Scott Hemingway

"Excellent service" -Tonya Rickords

"So far so good. Thank you" -Shelly Bravo-Vera

"Clean" -Kelly Chisholm

"Fast, considerate service. Very satisfied." -Valarie S. Roddy

"Great people very friendly and helpful. Will definitely come back." -Vicki Combs

"Great!!!" -Jennifer Montgomery

"You guys are great :)" -Nichole Collins

"You are the best!" -Cecelia Strange

"Very nice" -Robbin Dobel

"Great doing business with you" -Bill Lavallie

"Thank you!" -Joyce Stone

"Rod is the bomb! He made our worst experience the best. Thank you Rod." -No Name

"It's been a good experience all three times I've been here!! No I'm not accident prone. Everybody keeps hitting me!" -Pam Clark

"Great experience! Thanks so much!" -Cheryl Waxe

"Thank you so much for everything. You're all really nice." -Kym and Chuck Harworth

"Rod has been awesome! He's provided us with superior service arranging the entire repair process!!" -Julie Kalz

"You sure are speedy! Thanks" -Genice Knight

"You guys are great" -Sue Hutton

"Great service. Excellent work" -Robert 'RJ' James

"Great business" -Leslie Schupp

"You guys are awesome" -Mary Hite

"Very friendly and helpful." -Amy Martz

"Great service and FAST!!" -Ida Cinderson

" :) I love that I could see the estimate as you drew it up. Crazy, man!" -Richard Knight

"Jeff was very courteous and helpful with our estimate. We felt welcomed." -Cindy Hutchins

"I have no complaints. I will recommend your auto repair service to anyone who asks. Rod is courteous and very customer oriented. Thank you!" -Carolyn Mendoza

"Nice rental, and my car looks great!" -Emma Darknell

"Couldn't tell if the car crashed." -Jerry Cruz

"Very pleased with past work and customer service. Thank you" -Sheryl Hagen

"Superb customer service. Excellent work. Great atmosphere." -Austin Merick

"Always friendly" -Kevin Kolbo

"Great service! Friendly and helpful" -Stacey Goulart

"Sister had prior work done here. Excellent work." -Gerardo Cruz

"Friendly, helpful and I hope I win!!!" -Hank Hamilton

"Used your services in the past and we're back again. Always happy with the jobs you've done! :) " -Michele Stahlman

"Very polite, honest, through employees and best price in down." -Myra Ramirez

"Very professional, courteous, and fast! :) " -Warren Farrell

"Great place" -Pat Manno

"Great service--Thanks" -Steven Rowen

"Fantastic service!" -Angela Creach

"Very courteous! All out effort to take care of customer." -Judy Sheets

"Great and donuts too!" -Madonna Wiebold

"Very professional. :) " -Lynnette Jorgensen

"Very helpful. Friendly. Excellent work." -Nadine Robertson

"So far so good. Very friendly." -Al Griffin

"Great company" -Nate Dewater

"Excellent, very friendly and very helpful" -Larry Robertson

"Great customer service and quality work. Very timely!" -Ryan Gillaspie

"Great service. A pleasure to do business with." -Jill Sutherland

"They do the best job getting me into my car." -Susan Hoskins

"Great service at front office. Good prices." -Lori Smith

"I will not go anywhere else, you are the best there is! I could not be happier! I would, and do, recommend them to everyone! Fast! Friendly great service with a smile! Five stars, a 10!" -Ron Gillihan

"Great customer service! Very happy with the body work done on our BMW." -Patrick Murphy

"Great Service--Nice people! Thanks!!" -Rick Edelinsky

"Awesome!" -Kelsey Medrud

"Great working with staff. They have responded quickly to fixing my vehicle." -Louise Gresham

"Staff is helpful and made the incident smooth." -Stephen Coburn

"A very busy parking lot" -Jim Brooks

"Very happy! Thank you" -Forrest Monk

"Very professional. I am a return customer, that speaks for itself." -Robert Laustrup

"Nice website" -Belinda Pesheck

"Thank you for your great service" -Betty Bulikes

"It's nice to find affordable and local repair!" -Cindy Merker

"Great" -Trisha Kowell

"Great service" -James Ridwens

"Friendly service" -Terrie Carrozzella

"Very fast and solid work." -Lee Anne Carson

"Becky is great!" -Lynne Park

"Good job" -Christine Heitmeyer

"Professional work" -Kathy Selenis

"Appreciate timely action with repair needs." -Susan Hosford

"Awesome, friendly, very fast." -Jeremy Johnson

"Very friendly people" -Judy Toth

"Stymeist has the most stylish and exciting group of peeps!! :)" -Nick Ramirez

"Great job on my car! It looks great. Thank you :)" -Christine Fortin

"Awesome!!" -Carrie Cocchi

"Good workmanship. Helpful people. Clean place." -Joss Morjil

"Great!" -Sheila Christopher

"Great customer service" -Dennis Wilson

"Thanks for fixing my bumper :)" -Rahcel Messina

"Your awesome" -Saetano Basile

"Lovely!" -Paula Feil

"Job well done on my wife's Subaru. Thanks" -Dave Tullotson

"Fabulous service. Very satisfied. Will definitely let people know, Steve Stymeist is the place to go." -Steve Riley

"Very efficient and very helpful and friendly" -Greta Fees

"Thanks." -Sharon Bensen

"Great so far; just barely walked in!" -Merlin Ward

"10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 All of the way :)" -Tia Meyers

"Its beautiful" -Katie Emmons

"Awesome service!" -Linda Preston

"Quick turn around."- Katie Olson

"I like your popcorn <3 and you have amazing service!" -Olivia Verdoorn

"Awesome service...great people!" -Linda Preston

"Great service :)" -Carl Olson

"Great customer service. Friendly staff and good atmosphere." -Jeff Bellotte

"Great customer service" -Francis DiGirolano

"Did a good job on my Jeep Cherokee--Now fixing my Lexus bumper." -Dennis Nickson

"Dan has amazing children!! Great job Dad! Stymeist is beyond professional" -Kimberly Berg

"The truck looks great!" -Kendra Goodrich

"Very impressive lobby and professional personnel" -Andria Ryder

"Very friendly! Efficient!" Judy Johnson

"Thanks for the great work!" -Alex Boyd

"Very good fix job!" -Aisha Chung

"(Before having work done) Showroom impressive and very clean. Courteous staff." -Fay Marcus

"Your bumper guys rock!" -Brian Shrum

"Steve Stymeist always good" -Rudy Cortez

"You guys rock!" -Brian Shrum

"Always good service, friendly-courteous." -George Osborne

"Clean" -Fern Ditzler

"Appear very professional" -Jon Wiebold

"Fast efficient quote" -Steve O. Gonzales

"Came in for estimate. Everyone was very nice and answered all my questions. Thank you!" -Susan Miguel

"Great!!! :) Luv ya guys!" -Geri King

"Did a great job on repairing my car. You guys are great." -Jan Lemos

"Well satisfied. Good customer service" -John O'Niell

"Great service. Never too busy to answer our questions or address our concerns." -Robert Renison

"I love your work. Very satisfied!!" -Joyce Sexton

"I wish every business in Placerville was as efficient, responsible and polite and friendly as yours." -Steve Almy

"Excellent job on my dads truck." -Teal LeBaron

"Very helpful, nice, and understanding." -Chloe Butler

"Really nice people--Excellent service!!" -Donna Godwin

"Great!" -Donna Davis "Excellent service" -Teresa Carter

"Great." -Michael Davis "Excellent service. Repair damage and tires as well as under carriage work. Friendly and very reasonable prices. Thank you from a very satisfied customer." -Monica L. Deckard

"The best there is anywhere" -Steven Campbell

"Very thorough" -Jean Patterson

"Great service" -Zachary D. Kendrick

"Keep Dave Ghormley" -Deb Struble

"Just met for the first time, but nice and friendly staff. Thanks!! :)" -Michelle Tillery

"New customer, so far very helpful and professional. :)" -Jessica Ramero

"Great job!!" -Struble

"Have heard good things about the shop" -Christina Harris

"Great service... Great group of personnel..." -Wayne Carlson

"Everything seems to have gone nicely. Thank you" -Dan Gibson

"Very quick! :)" -Sara Macy

"Excellent service" -Susie Holsworth

"Thank you!" -Crystal Schmidt

"So far--so good. Highly recommended by several." -Karen Revers

"Awesome :)" -Nelanne

"Excellent service with prior business, so I'm back!" -Trina Haymoral

"So far so good!" -Lisa Becker

"Very helpful" -Jeanne LeCureux

"Great job, excellent service, very professional" -Susie Holsworth

"Great service, prompt and friendly" -Andrew Hunt

"You guys are always so helpful and reassuring. I swear that you guys are more knowledgeable than the insurance company!! Thanks for all of your help." -Kristin Forwood

"Always friendly and professional!" -Melissa Vernuiccio

"You guys are 'good' at what you do!" -Marcy Wintermute

"Always satisfied with the customer service year after year- Thanks." -Riff Ferriera

"So far so good" -Bing Regol

"The best body shop on planet Earth" -Dave Harshbarger

"Great service--Fast too!" -Karen Revers

"Like your new estimates location" -Frank Gruyn

"You’re top in the business!" -Bob Blaszak

"You guys are great! Pricing could be a bit better..." -Aaron

"Here for my 4thcar that needs work! Wouldn't take my cars anywhere else." -Kelly Baetge

"A to Z highly recommends you" -Lawrence M Spearr

"Thanks for working with us on this situation!" -Mark Hangebrauck

"You have done good by me!" -Shirley Muntz

"Great experience. Steve, Becky, are the best. Give them a raise." -Bay Caulfern

"Very friendly and easy to work with. I always bring my cars here to be fixed." -Liz Schmidt

"So far so good!" -Louise Kurashige

"Hope to have a good job and relationship." -Judy Johnson

"Great work, great service." -Gary McCann

"Two thumbs up!" -Siskel and Ebert

"Great work" -Brenda Stephens

"Excellent customer service!" -Georgia Keeran

"So far so good" -Scott Anderson

"Always very professional and nice. Appreciate it!" -Gloria Aber

"Good job 2 years ago on Denali. Now you can have Prius" -Ron Moreirs

"Great service, friendly people" -Stuart London

"You do great work! I keep coming back." -Kelly Edgar

"Very informative, extremely pleasant to work with! Thanks Shawn!" -Drew Stidger

"Great results" -Mike Sheridan

"Great job" -Donna Stephens

"Good stuff! Good job!!" -Laraine Burchard

"Came here because you're AAA-networked and you're close to where I live in Glencoe" -Penny West

"Why go anywhere else when the best is right here?" -Richard J. Ormsby

"Thank you for the excellent service!!" -Robert C. Carlson

"You are number one on my list. Everything was excellent. A+ :)" -Virginia Blake

"Great job on Pathfinder guys!" -Robert James

"Great work, love the customer service" -TJ Creach

"Very professional, friendly, and quality work" -Stella Ballard

"Good work! Friendly Service!" -Linda Preston

"Service was great. Very helpful staff." -Dawn Withrow

"Good service." -Dick Ormsby

"Seems to be ok so far. Not much problem working with you and AAA." -David Gonzales

"The service was super! Shawn kept me updated and called often." -Helen K Jacobz

"Awesome!" -Michelle Carrasco

"Excellent work." -Josè J Esparza

"Very good service. Good sense of humor." -Barbara Stephens

"This place rocks!" -Brian Shrum

"Really friendly service." -Evan Smalridge

"Very helpful." -Vondale Silva-Ramirez

"Repairs are done very quickly. "Very friendly staff and easy to get a hold of." -Sarah Macy

"So lovely to see you have remodeled. Wonderful reception and help signing in for repair." -Wendy Pryce

"You’re the shop by the dump, lol. Here to get an estimate :)" -Sonni Gil

"Excellent service!!" -Chuck and Barb Sierer

"Great customer service and very helpful. I would definitely recommend." -Paul Coggiola

"Everything was great!" -Bill Milbourne

"Great service." -Chen Padilla

"New-First time here!" -Marion Beach

"Steve and Lori: Thanks for all your help--We really appreciate it." -Love, Louie and Kathy

"I am very happy with the service Shawn Hoard gave us. He was so pleasant and knowledgeable. We are very happy with him. We will definitely tell others about your company." -Gary De La Rosa

"What a surprise! Thank you! I will stop in tomorrow (Thursday). Even if I did not win this prize, I must again say how pleased I was with the service and work done on my truck. I've told several people about how great it was to deal with you guys. I also gave yhou the higheest rating possible to 20th Century when they did a followup on my dealings with your company. See you tomorrow."  -John

"Great!!!" -Margie Saraia

"You guys are awesome-Shawn is great and so nice to deal with. He is a pleasant, friendly, and fair person." -Marty De La Rosa

"Great Service!" -Don Brand

"Friendly, clean, convenient hours. They give off the feeling that they know what they are doing--which gives you confidence." -Syndi Cable

"You're awesome, personal, professional, and very cooperative." -Michelle Zult

"We recently had our car repaired and want to express our appreciation for kind and courteous service and a job well done on our car." -Ron and Doris Henke

"Great, one-day repair." -George Osronniz

"Very good service." -Gary Johnson

"You guys are great. Keep up the good work. Eat lots of doughnuts :)" -Lori Brewer

"Terrific!" -Georgianna Hunt

"Excellent!!" -Lin Teagle

"Love this place!" -Gale Fairbrother

"Great Service!" -Linda P. Fazzio

"Very professional." -Dennis J. May

"Great great great! Thank you for the car wash!!!!!" -Madge Hess

"I'm back for a second time. Work done the first time was very good. If needed I'll return a 3rd time." -Veronica Campa

"Great! :D" -Geri Kinq

"You guys rock!" -Heather Bowers

"I love the quality of work, speed, and professionals." -Paul Ekstrom

"You guys all rock! Very helpful and courteous. Fun and energetic atmosphere." -Erin Cheney

"I appreciate the custom service that we have received. I tell everyone I know to do business with Stymeist Inc. and that they stand behind all promises and work. So Happy." -Ruth Kavanagh

"Very helpful." -Debby Thomas

"Great service. Rental car ready and reliable. Thanks." -Tonya Rickords

"Fast estimate, courteous service." -Michael Hoobler

"Seem courteous." -Larry Erbeck

"Great shop!" -Robert Kruppeè

"Good work, great service." -Charles Teagle

"You guys are just great. My car works fantastic. I'm so glad you did the job to clean up and repair the mess that the body shop left it in! I would definitely use your shop again!" -Gorgianna Hunt

"Prompt and courteous service. Very nice folks." -Camille Green

"Fabulous!" -Linda Fermin

"Good so far." -Bill Milbourne

"Second time, great service and workmanship, thanks again!" -Jareite and Sons

"Good service." -Wenscell H Ogden Jr.

"Looks good! Busy, busy, busy!" -Sylvia

"All the guys in the front office were polite, kind, and looked like brothers!" -Paula Feil

"U do a great job!" -Toni Garrish

"Nothing but good news!" -Tim Moore

"Your business is good, your suppliers are lacking!!!" -Robert Thatcher

"So far great. Second time I used it." -Helen Barrentine

"Great customer service. Excellent repair services. Great people." -William Carrino

"Did a great job on my Buick! Now there's the bumper on the convertible..." -Cindy Savage

"Very nice and fast!" -Roger Clemeat

"Great owner and MGR!" -Aron Hunt

"Buy more soda!" -Matt Chitiea

"Excellent!!! #1 body shop!" -Kristen Rodriguez

"I am a repeat customer." -Leslie Roseli

"You're awesome!! :) Keep up the great work!! :)" -Mercedes Sullivan

"Love it! Shop guys are helpful and personable and friendly." -Ray Yu

"Building is super clean. Employees are nice and efficient. Very friendly atmosphere." -Robert James

"Best place in town!" -Linda Osen

"Excellent service. Appreciated loaner car. Everyone was very courteous and nice." -Leslie Gillespie

"Clean, very clean environment. Good people." -James Baldwin

"Appreciate your friendly and speedy service." -Mikaela Travers

"You always go above and beyond." -C.A. MacGregor

"Very prompt and efficient with a friendly staff. Clean facilities were nice. :)" -Shirley Alger

"Good work--Thanks!" -Patty Buhlert

"It's great!!" -Gregor Dixon

"The best in the industry." -Michael Kane

"You guys are so nice and accommodating and love that you have a monitor customers can see, too!" -Cyndy Larson

"I am a returning customer! That about says it all!" -Rebecca Diskin

"Best place on west slope." -Tami Kneereem

"Fantastic work! :)" -Sandra Emroo

"You're the best. Thanx." -Jane and Matt Bangert

"Great place, better people." -Scott Prescott

"Want repairs done. Heard nothing but good things about Stymeist." -Steve Vudragovich

"I appreciated being kept informed on changes in initial estimate by very professional and friendly employees. Thanks for the ride to pick up my van!" -Syd Perryman

"Great work!" -Cynthia Karrer

"My experience here so far has been great! :)" -Kristin Forwood

"I have heard only good things about you!" -Larry Velasco

"Good work!" -Frank Bronson

"A good service! Nice people!" -Skyler Redkey

"Great service." -Darryl Knight

"You take the extra effort to make things right. Thanks." -Lorrie Albin

"Great place." -Austin Meriok

"Mike Alvarez was awesome and shop did a great job!" -Gordon Ulmer

"Nice folks and helpful." -Diana Coeo Russell

"You guys are great. I am impressed." -Nancy J. Monroe

"Service was above and beyond expectations." -Missi Escobar

"Excellent service. Liked loner car. Work was excellent. Looks like a new car." -Leslie Gillespie

"Very friendly staff. Courteous and professional." -Kevin Foraker

"Great customer service." -Camille Farris

"Heard good things about your work and business. Brought our truck in. Hope it turns out good." -Ed Diqesti

"We think your shop does great work." -Carole Roberts

"Very nice people... I'm looking forward to having my vehicle fixed by you." -PTrisha Snyder

":)" -Richard Green

"3rd time here. Great service, and quality workmanship. Thank you." -Steve Caruso

"Always pleasant." -Robert Halk

"Thank you for being so helpful." -Katrina Miller

"Best in the industry!" -Michael Kane

"Wonderful, very professional. Couldn't ask for better service." -Gloria Marquez

"Clean and nice shop." -Jeannie Jorgensen

"Best auto body and frame service ever." -Allie Knobloch

"The best auto body and frame shop in town!" -Carlena Bailey

"Very honest--Great help." -Debra Tolomei

"Everyone in the office, especially Rod and Tara, are wonderful. Very friendly and informative. Thanks for being here." -Sue Hutton

"Happy--Great job. It was worth waiting for; I thought I would have to put it out of your misery." -Terri Morean

"Looks gorgeous!" -Steve Winders

"Thanks for the great job!!!" -Kern Fuller

"My mom's been here with her car and they were nice and fixed her car! Came in for an estimate on my truck and they were honest. :)" -Monica

"Great." -Tonya Rickords

"You do great work." -Debra Hilbert

"Great service." -Joan Wallace

"Very professional and despite my inconvenient situation, you all have made things (life) just that much easier. Thanks for your commitment to excellence!" -Heide Glockner

"Would not go anywhere else." -Ken Crawford

"Great Business. Friendly and efficient employees." -Robert James

"Great employees. More work to be done." -Robert James

"Stymeist does great work and has great employees." -Robert James

"Stymeist is the best--Employees are great and make the claims process very easy." -Robert James

"Courteous, clean, friendly." -Colleen Jorgensen

"Love you guys! Thanks for EVERYTHING!" -Jason Bracker

"Friendly atmosphere, efficient employees." -Joanne Godfrey

"Great!" -Jim Wagner

"Awesome job on all work needed!!" -Jennifer Grouen

"Great service." -Mike Steele

"Great job, thanks!" -Matt Bangert

"Your new office and grounds give confidence to customers." -Greg Hollows

"Nice people. Caring. Generous. Best darn place in town :)" -Leanne Sparvel

"Excellent service--Honest and reliable!" -Patti Keates

"Great, friendly, and prompt service! Thanks!" -Don and Theresa Norwood

"I had my car repainted here after storm damage and it looks better than the original!! :) Great people! Great work!" -Claudia Krueger

"Honest, polite, helpful, and efficient." -Kathy Talmadge

"Great job! Courteous, helpful, fast, and high quality." -Jed Richardson

"Dear Mr. Stymeist, We recently had work done on our Yukon at the Placerville location. We wanted you to know how personally appreciative with your staff's friendliness during the time of our repair. All were so respectful and professional. In particular we dealt with Bob Bohlke. He was gracious and kind. We certainly appreciate working with such honorable people. We wanted you to know how great Bob was. Thank you also for the gas card!" -Respectfully, Lisa and Larry Grant

"Stymeist Auto Body- Thank you! Your customer service and quality of performance was outstanding!!! I appreciate your hard work and dedication." -Margaret

"Stymeist!! Steve, my greatest appreciation for you arises from not only your generous contribution, but what you offer to the community, to my family, and as an individual, the stature and characteristics you poses are those that I admire. I promise I'll make you proud." -Thank you, Ali Best

"Steve- Thank you so much for taking care of the car and us! We are so blessed to have friends like you!" -Sincerely- Eric and Corina Winje

"On October 13th I was unfortunately involved in an accident about 400 miles from my home. Not something anyone wants to experience yet alone that far from home. I was able to drive the vehicle and went immediately to the office of my agent, Steve Shervey in Placerville. I was treated with the upmost respect from the young ladies in the office. They were able to assure me, I was in fact, in good hands with Allstate. They helped me get the information I needed and then put me on the phone to the Claims Dept. The Claims Dept. was also helpful and when I said I was going to one of their repair shops in Placerville I was told they would send the required information to them. When I arrived at the repair shop shortly thereafter they already had the information and were extremely efficient in getting me in and out of the shop. I received a rental car and a promise from Mr. Pancharian of prompt follow ups on the repair work. (I really needed the car to continue on my trip within the week). As promised he called me on the days he said he would and the car was ready a day earlier. The work was top quality and the entire staff treated me with total respect. I can't say enough about the handling of the entire incident and how professional everyone was that I cam into contact with as a result of the accident. I really am in good hands with Allstate." Thank all of you, -Boyd A. Mahan

"Dear Steve and Lori, On behalf of the Kids at the Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado County Western Slope, I would like to thank you for your Heroes Night Sponsorship of $500.00. Your support makes a positive difference in the lives of the young people our county serves and consequently our GREAT community. Over 450 kids walk through our doors daily at our five sites on the Western Slope; Placerville, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, and Pollock Pines. Your generosity empowers our movement in providing a safe, solid and sound place for these kids. You and your guests will be listed under "Stymeist", unless otherwise requested. Again, thank you for your continued support! We look forward to sharing the night amongst Heroes in our community!" Sincerely, -Sean McCartney

"Dear Steve Stymeist and all at Stymeist Auto Body, El Dorado High School and the Pollock Pines/Camino and Placerville Rotary Clubs would like to thank you for your participation in this year's Job Shadow program. It was so generous of all of you to take time out of your busy schedules to share the valuable work you do with our students. Your "shadows" chose your profession because they were interested in it as a possible career. Real life experience is invaluable when making the decision of choosing a career path. It was a valuable day for them. Thanks again for your generosity and we hope you will consider allowing students to shadow you again next year." Sincerely, Judith Sharp

"Your Local Guys are GREAT! The latter part of last year our car was stolen from the parking lot at Consumnes River College in Sacramento. Twenty eight days later the CHP in Sacramento contacted us that our car had been abandoned in a Denny's parking lot on Watt Avenue. Our vehicle had been damaged extensively with stab punctures on the leather seats, and oil sprayed on the console. Our insurance company referred us to Steve Stymeist Auto Body and Frame, 1001 S Highway 49 in Jackson to have our car repaired! Shawn Hoard, Manager at Stymeist was such an awesome and pleasant man to handle our situation. For repairs for our vehicle, several other businesses in Jackson did various parts of repairing-they were:           Jackson Tire           Amador Detail           Jeff Holman           A-Line Locksmith A huge thank you to a wonderful repair job we received. If you ever need repairs for your vehicle, please contact Shawn at Steve Stymeist, or any of the others listed. They do great work." -Gary and Marty DeLaRosa Mountain Ranch

"Dear Owner/Manager: In these difficult days where the economy is in the tank, people are usually impersonal, lacking in communication skills, and real customer service and quality of work is difficult to find. I am pleased to report that I found none of these behaviors to be present in my recent relationship with your company and people. After calling to get some information, I brought in my wife's 2007 Honda Civic on December 3, 2010 about an hour after some woman had run into her on Main Street in downtown Placerville. The receptionist was kind and compassionate and directed me to ask for "Big Mike" when I came in as he was the estimator who dealt with Farmer's Insurance. Upon meeting Mike Tetreault, he immediately started the paperwork, obtained all the necessary information and advised me that he would be in touch with me by Tuesday of the next week with a preliminary estimate. He too was quick and to the point, but both kind and compassionate in his gathering of all the information. Mike obviously understands how difficult it is when someone has just experienced a vehicle accident. True to his word, he called on Tuesday next and advised me of the estimate and asked for permission to proceed with the repairs. When I inquired about the time frame for the repairs he provided a projected date for completion. He was very detailed in the explanation about what parts must be replaced and why and what other work would be performed to put the vehicle back in the same shape it was prior to the accident. About a week and a half went by and I decided to stop in and see Mike and inquire about how the repairs were going. He immediately recognized me and brought me up to date on the repairs performed thus far. At my request, Mike took me to the frame section, introduced me to the frame man and allowed me to see the work in progress. I was impressed how sensitive Mike was about me seeing the vehicle in the condition it was. He obviously was concerned how I would react seeing the vehicle with nothing forward of the firewall but the frame rails and a couple of brackets. About a week and a half later I was driving by the shop and decided to see how things were going. Mike once again immediately recognized me and advised me that the vehicle may be ready the next day if nothing bad was found while the wheels were being aligned. He asked if I wanted to see the vehicle even though it was in the alignment shop and in a different building up the street. He drove me up to that shop, introduced me to the alignment man and let me look at the vehicle. I was amazed at the speed with which this repair had been accomplished. Mike apologized for the appearance of the vehicle as it had not yet been detailed, but I have to say even in the state that it was.........it looked beautiful to me. Mike returned me to the main building and advised me of the revised estimate and asked to sign another paper authorizing the additional work. While we were talking, I asked about the paint processes now used in California. When we were through with the paperwork, Mike walked me over to the paint shop and explained how and where the paints are mixed, applied, and baked. He showed me some other vehicles in the paint shop where they were sealing seams, priming and painting, and replacing trim parts. This whole experience was both fascinating and informative and way beyond what Mike had to do. Mike again explained to me in detail how the vehicle would be in the same state as it was before the accident and about the warranty provided should something about the repairs come up later. He explained that the vehicle would be cleaned and detailed and be ready late the next day. Again, true to his word, he called late the next day and advised that the vehicle was ready for pickup. I went in and met with Mike where we finalized all the paperwork and then he took me and introduced me to Sue the receptionist where I paid my deductible. Sue was quick and to the point yet thorough in the details and the transaction. Upon preparing to drive off, I noticed that the radio was not working and required a "code" to activate it. I could not remember the code, or even if I had it stashed somewhere. I went in and asked Mike who immediately made a phone call and retrieved the code within a couple of minutes. Ready to leave, Mike once again requested that I drive and look over the vehicle thoroughly in the next few days and if I found anything wrong or had any questions to call him and it would be taken care of. Since then I have inspected the vehicle several times and am completely impressed with the quality of work performed to put the vehicle back into shape. I am especially impressed with the short timeframe required for the repairs. I would have to say that it is as good or even better than when the accident occurred. So far I have complete confidence in all the various work performed and I don't believe that there is any other shop in the area, or in the State for that matter, that could have done the same quality, professional job. As for the people that I had the pleasure to meet, especially Mike Tetreault and Sue, all I can say is that they truly represent Steve Stymeist Auto Body and Frame in the finest and most professional way. I complement your organization and the people that you have chosen to represent you...........they are the Best!" -William K. Mayes

"Dear Shawn, I would like to formally thank you for your assistance and high level of professionalism. When one of your customers takes a vehicle that you repaired to another shop you always wonder how it's going to turn out. The fact that I did not have an opportunity the look at the issue that our customer had leaves the whole situation open to interpretation by the shop that looks at the new problem. You and I both know that not every collision repair shop in our industry is ethical. You have shown me that, not only are you a man of character, but the organization you represent is one of the character as well. I am very impressed by the way you handled this entire situation. I am eternally grateful to you and your awesome collision repair facility for your customer service and integrity. I hop that I can return the favor to you or anyone in your network of friends and clients. You have a new friend in Sonora. Please don't ever hesitate to call us for anything. Its men like you that give this industry a "Good Name". May God bless you and your business." -George A Broekema